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Pack 319's charter highly recommends and encourages that at least one (1) adult register with each Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scout. BSA requires an adult partner (adult 18 or over) to be registered with each Lion Cub or Tiger Cub Scout. All Adult applications require a background check and Youth Protection Training be completed prior to filing membership paperwork.

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  • Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program (Belt Loops & Academic Pins)

    Known more commonly as belt loops and pins, this gives you information about the Academics and Sports Program available to all Cub and WEBELOS Scouts. The Academic Program and the Sports Program are an optional program for all Cub Scouts. They are not part of the normal requirements towards ranks (except where used in obtaining the WEBELOS Sportsman and Athlete activity badges). Their purpose is to assist the Scouts in learning a new skill, or improving one they already possess. Loops and pins can be earned by Tiger Cubs, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts and WEBELOS Scouts. Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and WEBELOS Scouts may complete requirements in a family, den, pack, school, or community environment.

  • Working With Scouts With DisAbilities This site is supported by volunteer Scouters who believe in Scouting for those with disabilities. It is our vision to provide the most up to date information to Scouters who have the opportunity and challenge of working with Scouts who have disabilities. There are numerous resources available throughout the world and on the World Wide Web. We hope that this site will help Scouters in need of those resources answer questions and provide examples of the many successes these Scouts can and have experienced through Scouting.

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Click on LINKS and follow the information found on our page. Youth and Adult PDF applications are available.

Charter Organization

For more information about our Chartering Organization, St. Anne's Anglican Church, please click here.

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